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Backed by over 40 years of experience, Jenzano serves as a forerunner of ingenuity and reliability in the dynamic industry of production machines.  While we actively pursue and incorporate advancements in the industry, we continue to place great importance on our relationship with the customer.  For global corporations and small businesses alike, the Jenzano name is synonymous with quality, value, support, and service.  Passionately employed by our customers, we at Jenzano uphold what we consider right and proper business: throughout the entire manufacturing process, we present the customer with facts, as well as our own helpful suggestions.  With our organized, full support team of engineering professionals, we can bring your production needs to fruition, effectively, and efficiently. 

Although our specialty lies in the resistance welding field, we can also provide the customer with the utmost skill and precision in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual machines and fixtures.  The Jenzano plant utilizes the most up-to-date computer technology, from CAD designs to CNC machinery.  Our services are not limited to mechanical designs, however, as we also have the facilities and expertise to design and fabricate circuit boards for specialized interfacing.  Regardless of your need, our total in-house capability ensures that we can direct your plan from concept to production with the Jenzano quality guarantee.

In addition to the following list of our basic machinery and services, know that there is no application or project too unique or large for our team of engineers.  If you require assistance in evaluating a certain application, please contact us. 

·        Design and build semi-automatic and automatic assembly machines (all types).

·        Manufacture High Energy Capacitive Discharge Welder.

·        Manufacture engineered value added robot cells.

·        Market all types of welding machines.

·        Build special tooling, fixtures and electrodes.

·        Field installation of controls.

·        Write custom software.

·        Implement microprocessor board level products.

·        Program and implement all major computers and Programmable Logic Controllers.

·        Rebuild machines per customer requirements.

·        Stocks and distributes machine parts, electrodes, etc.

·        Complete repair of related electronics down to the component level.

·        Aid customers in development of weld schedules, qualification and welding solutions.

·        Aid customers in prototypes, process development and process solutions.


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