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Model XYZ

XYZ Adaptable Motion Accessory

Jenzano has introduced the XYZ Adaptable Motion Accessory as a complement to the H2PW welder.  The concept of this accessory is to have a way to implement motion as an easily installable modular subsystem.  The applications for the XYZ accessory are endless; such possibilities are spot welding, projection welding, hot upsetting (staking) and seam welding.




  • PLC controller:  Allen Bradley Control Logix

  • HMI:  Allen Bradley Panel View Plus (color/touch screen)

  • PC remote HMI:  Rockwell Automation RS Studio

  • Company network connectivity (ethernet)

  • Servo motors are controlled via an Ultra 3000 SERCOS interface

  • Programmable for location function using easy location teach input (no programming required)

  • Test and setup functions

  • Roller screw for Z axis

  • Roller bearing slides (different sizes for different applications)

  • Low-maintenance ball screw bearing slides

  • Large, isolated tooling plate

  • Force system support (forces are contained without need of massive components)

  • Low profile design so that there is minimal height used

  • Light weight and small footprint so that setup and use are simplified

  • Absolute encoded motion (no homing required)



H2BW shown with XYZ motion accessory



  • X Motion

    • Distance:  18"

    • Speed:  24 in/sec

    • Load:  300 lbs.

  • Y Motion

    • Distance:  18"

    • Speed:  24 in/sec

    • Load:  300 lbs.

  • Z Motion

    • Distance:  6"

    • Speed:  10 in/sec

    • Load:  3,000 lbs.

  • Motion repeatability:  +/- 1/32"

  • Duty cycle:  20 welds in 30 sec


  • Special tooling

  • Monitoring sensing

  • Dual machine interlocks

Power requirements must be verified at the time of purchase.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.  Customer assistance in evaluating proposed application is available.


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