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Jenzano offers its customers full support for most major welding controllers, including Pertron/Square D, Weltronic, Entron and many others.  We stock a supply of "loaner" controls that are available for your use so that you can get back up and running while your system is being repaired.


Repairs typically must pass a final test in our environmental chamber to simulate the worst of your in-house conditions.  However, our repair service doesn't stop at the door.


When you need us, we'll be there to make house calls, whether you need us to repair your welder, control or ancillary equipment, or to help develop and/or optimize your welding process.




Since Jenzano is experienced at building one-of-a-kind machines, our facilities are uniquely suited to the special needs of our customers.


Custom tooling, special electrodes, fixtures, rebuilds and modifications are handled on a "one-on-one" basis.  From the manufacturing and repair of seam weld heads to special electrodes, a Jenzano team member will be providing personal service.  In fact, you will more than likely be working with the team member that will be carrying out the job.  We do not have salesmen, managers or middlemen to complicate the job.


Where the job demands it, we can provide you with CAD drawings, walkthroughs, simulations and/or visualizations.  From the ordinary to the extraordinary, let Jenzano do the job.


Among some of our many services:

  • Design and build automated machinery and robot cells

  • Build special tooling, fixtures and electrodes

  • Field installations, modifications, repairs

  • Custom software for PLCs, PCs

  • Implementation of microprocessor products

  • Rebuild and recondition machines

  • Printed circuit board repair (Pertron/Square D, Weltronic, Entron and many others)

  • Product and process design

  • PWC-300 repairs, service and rebuilds

  • Entron repairs and service

  • Weltronic repairs and service

  • Programming assistance/classes

  • Upgrades

  • Rebuilds

  • In-house repairs and service

  • Consultation/training/installation

  • Rewiring

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