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Model JCR2SF

AC Programmable Welding Controller


The Jenzano Model JCR2SF is a low-cost replacement control without valve outputs, display or keypad.  It does have serial port weld schedule programming, which is intended to control the weld current profile only with machine movements and operator interfacing, controlled by external devices such as PLC's or PC's.



  • Basic, compact and simple with unpluggable wiring connectors for quick replacement

  • Internal 120 VAC input power supply (supplies all control voltages)

  • Simple opto-coupled single input weld initiation

  • 2 opto-coupled open collector outputs for "weld busy" and faults handshaking

  • Led for visual power on/fault indication

  • RS-232 interface for weld parameter setup with up/down loads and schedule changes

  • Selectable weld/no weld mode

  • Flash memory (no batteries required)

  • Crystal control weld timing synchronized to power line frequency

  • On-board power supply fusing

  • 100 selectable weld schedules

  • Programmable squeeze time

  • Programmable weld time

  • Programmable % weld current

  • Programmable hold time

  • Programmable pulse and cool times

  • Programmable slope up/slope down functions

  • Combination code lockout of all parameters (except overrides, if desired)

  • % weld current override with programmable maximum available in all modes (not locked out)

  • Selectable line voltage compensation:  on or off











  • Sync voltage level data

  • Programmable single "weld" or "repeat weld" mode with off-time in between welds

  • "Non-Beat" feature

  • Industrially hardened

  • Operator's manual on CD


  • Control type:  single phase

  • Input voltage:  120 VAC +/- 10%

  • Input frequency:  60/50 Hz

  • Timed periods

    • Weld time:  00 to 99 cycles

    • Clamp time:  00 to 99 cycles

    • Squeeze time:  00 to 99 cycles

    • Hold time = weld time (00-99 cycles)

  • % weld amps:  05 to 00% max KVA rating

  • Heat override: +/-0 - max override setting %

  • Max heat override:  00 to 10%

  • Upslope time:  00 to 99 cycles

  • Initial slope up % heat:  05 to 99%

  • Downslope time:  00 to 99 cycles

  • Final slope down % heat:  05 to 99%

  • Repeat mode:  No or Yes

  • Off time:  00 to 99 cycles

  • First spot override:  00 to 99%

Note:  The following are global varieties that remain the same in all schedules:  HDN squeeze time, RPTMDE repeat mode (splice, spot, seam or stake), weld/no weld, PFDLY power factor delay, 87D first cycle max phase angle limit on/off, LVC on/off, weld counter.  Power requirements must be verified at the time of purchase. Specifications are subject to change without notice.  Customer assistance in evaluating proposed application is available.


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