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Model 0504

Jenzano Splice Welder


The Jenzano Splice Welder is industrially hardened and designed to be low-maintenance and compact.  With the ability to convert to a standard projection welder or a spot welder, this machine proves to be space-saving and cost-effective.





  • Jenzano synchronized microprocessor-based weld control

  • Converts to standard projection or spot welder

  • Operator's manual in Spanish and English

  • Automatic squeeze and hold timers

  • "Weld" and "No Weld" switch

  • "Power On" indicator lamp

  • Jenzano universal firing board

  • 35 KVA weld transformer

  • 100 AMP water cooled SCR pack

  • Machine duration meter

  • 480 VAC 100 AMP circuit breaker disconnect

  • Adjustable 2-stage foot-switch

  • Quick change standard tungsten electrodes

  • Quick change water cooled electrode holders

  • Laminated secondary jumper

  • Adjustable force control

  • Water saver

  • Modular electronic circuit components

  • Air filter/regulator






  • Built-in exhaust fan

  • Adjustable work height

  • Illuminated clamp fixture and work station

  • Industrial-hardened, low maintenance, compact design

  • Stand alone floor mount with table top design


  • Wire strand clamp fixture:

    • 1/4" wide x 1/2" deep (max.)

    • 1/32" wide x 3/16" deep (min.)

  • Stand alone machine:  18" deep x 18" wide x 72" high with 41" work height

  • OHSA blue polyurethane industrial finish

Power requirements must be verified at the time of purchase. Specifications are subject to change without notice.  Customer assistance in evaluating proposed application is available.


Photographs shown are typical configurations and do not necessarily represent the standard product.


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